OUR STORY(From Head Wrapped With Love to Sabby & Berry)

OUR STORY(From Head Wrapped With Love to Sabby & Berry)

Hello, I am Lea. Experienced Internal Auditor who transitioned from the corporate world to pursue a passion for curating exquisite baby products for fellow mothers. This drive originated from becoming a mother to my first-born daughter, Sabby, who was three (3) months old when I launched this venture.

Started as Head Wrapped With Love in 2018, I originally offer wide variety of different headbands with a mission of providing high quality, baby safe and fashionable head accessories for baby girls. Amid the pandemic, I recognized a need from customers for baby clothes that would complement my head accessories. Later, I expanded to include a clothing collection, resulting in a significant boost to my business. With hard work and dedication, it slowly but steadily grew, gaining the trust of our customers along the way.

In 2024, I chose to rebrand my business and honor my two children, Sabby (daughter) and Berry (son). They inspire my product curation, solving moms' need for high-quality, affordable outfits for kids, regardless of gender.

I appreciate the support of all moms since 2018. Grateful for future customers. Thank you so much for trusting this business for over five years. I commit to providing outstanding products and I am honored that my products are part of your child's special event.



Mommy Lea





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