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Here’s my story:

I’m Lea, founder and owner of Head Wrapped With Love. I usually call myself a MOMPRENEUR.

I created this business back in 2018, 5 months after my first daughter was born. As a first-time mom, I love buying beautiful stuff for my daughter even before giving birth. During those times, I bought a lot of headbands and there was a time when I was so happy to see my daughter wearing one, my husband noticed that there was an obvious mark on her head due to the headband she has worn. I was so worried about what happened to her head since it is delicate and very soft. After that incident, I did not use any of the headbands I bought but I was so frustrated not to see her wearing head accessories.

After some time, I found a headwrap that is perfect for her delicate head. Since it is trendy, I was extremely excited to share it with other moms and at the same time, make it a small business. I put an Instagram account to sell those fashionable head accessories at a reasonable price. I love how I make other moms happy with my affordable yet fashionable items. My heart is so full whenever I see photos of their daughters wearing items coming from my shop especially when they use them for their milestone pictorials. It’s like I am being part of those special moments.

When the pandemic came, I got the opportunity to think of selling baby clothes aside from the head accessories since online buying become a trend because malls are closed. As a mom of a baby girl, I know that we are fond of dressing our little daughters even when they are at home. I thought of putting some baby clothes in my virtual shop to add value to it. Fortunately, many moms are happy to mix and match the head accessories and baby clothes I offer. I usually receive a lot of adorable monthly photos of their daughters wearing our stuff from head to toe.

Having this business is not just about earning from it. For me, it is more of being my passion to provide quality products for baby girls for all moms that look for them. And though my daughter is now 3 years old, I still continue this business because this is what I love to do. I love seeing cute baby girls wearing my products during their special occasions. It is also my pleasure to know that my mom-customers are happy with it.

So a massive thank you to all of you that have supported my business over the years and here’s to much more fashionable OOTD stuff for your little girls!

<3 Head Wrapped With Love

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